Power Electronics Partner Joins DTI Team

Combined Energies of Latham, NY,  has announced they will collaborate with DTI to develop the power electronics associated with their new ducted turbine unit.  Their greater than 95% patented conversion efficiency  DC-DC converter topology, is a low cost, high efficiency, passively cooled platform that will significantly improve the economics and performance of the turbine installations.

Turbine Assembly Area Ready

A mock-up/assembly area for the turbine install is complete!

Once the duct fab is finished, installation set-up and fixture location can be completed here before being installed outside at the test sites with the actual blades.

Rotor Blade Partner Joins DTI

DTI is happy to announce a collaboration with Vistex Composites (http://www.vistexcomposites.com ) out of Schenectady, NY to develop and manufacture a composite rotor blade and hub system for us! Vistex is a manufacturing innovation company that has developed disruptive technology for the manufacture of advanced thermoset and thermoplastic composite products. Their patented Pressure Focusing Layer™ (PFL) process, reduces energy consumption and CapEx/OpEx by at least an order of magnitude.

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