Our Suppliers

Combined Energies

Combined Energies, based in Latham, NY and developing novel power electronics.  Our patented DC-DC converter topology, is a low cost, high efficiency and passively cooled platform that will significantly improve the economics and performance of DTI’s installations.  With greater than 95% conversion efficiency, bi-directional operation, and DC voltage boost ratio of over 10X, the Combined Energies patented topology is the right power electronics solution for the renewable energy market.

Empire Fibreglass Products

Since 1961, Empire Fibreglass Products, Inc. has prided itself in custom fabricating and manufacturing fiberglass storage tanks, duct and exhaust systems and has expanded into specialty vessels, Strongwell pultruded products distribution as well as assembly of the same, gel coated products, field work, aquaculture tanks, and novelty products.

Vistex Composites

Vistex Composites is a manufacturing innovation company that has a patented Pressure Focusing Layer™ (PFL) process, which reduces energy consumption and CapEx/OpEx by at least an order of magnitude, provides our customers with improved throughput and performance at a competitive price.  Vistex utilizes digital modeling and proprietary optimization algorithms to drive the design of the patented fabrication process, and manufacture complex components without the need for extensive heat, vacuum, autoclaves, etc.  


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